Yesterday, I did a post about possible legal and other challenges if there is a mask requirement for students when school reopens. My bottom line was that I didn’t think a legal challenge would be successful, and advised activism as the way to influence the decision-making process by county or state officials. I do not think it is realistic to try to force young children to wear a mask for the whole school day. (For what it’s worth, I think there has to be some compromise at some place between masks all day and no masks at all, especially if there is some resurgence, but not big enough to delay school reopening. And to be clear or clearer, I don’t think the courts are going to find that your child has a constitution right not to wear a mask in school during a pandemic if the state or local health officials deem masks essential to protect the health of all students.)

Here is that post.

Soon after, I received the following FB comment from Linda Dente Jauregui:

“I wrote a very detailed letter to our school
Board and posted it in our community Facebook pages. I got a call from
The superintendent yesterday and was asked to write an op ed for the town newspaper. I became a parent liaison for PERK which has a petition. And finally, I’m guiding parents to address the board next week at our local school board meeting (which can only be done through email due to Covid). School districts have more leeway thank they think if they can get past liability fears. I’ve suggested looking into a tight liability waiver that parents must sign, acknowledging the risk of Covid or they have the option to stay in the school homeschool program.”

Folks, this is how it’s done!

Give them the science of course, and if possible, go for articles written by mainstream affiliated experts, rather than professional outliers. (And FWIW, I think the liability waiver would only work if every students’ family signed it.)

Be the Linda Dente Jauregui for your community. Reason with and influence the decision makers.

Rick Jaffe, Esq.

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