Curriculum Vitae

Curriculum Vitae

Curriculum Vitae


Columbia University School of Law
New York, New York
J.D., 1979
Columbia Law Review, Board of Editors
Harlan Fiske Stone Scholar

Hebrew University of Jerusalem
Jerusalem, Israel
B.A. with honors, 1975
Prize for academic excellence, 1975

Work Experience:

Practice with large Wall Street law firms, and private practice

Abady & Jaffe
New York, New York
Partner in seven attorney law firm

Private practice,  Houston, Texas

2013- present

private practice, Sacramento Ca. New York City, and Houston Tx.

Admitted to the state bars in New York, Texas and California.

United States Supreme Court bar, various federal district and circuit court bars

Notable Achievements and Activities:

Have worked on many of the most significant, high profile heath care cases during the past thirty years including:
Filed first successful federal racketeering action on behalf of health care practitioners against a state government agency, which used illegal tactics to collect fines.

Sucessfully represented several stem cell clinics in criminal/civil investigations and continuing counseling to stem cell clinics in the U.S. and abroad and cord bank facilities.

Successfully represented terminal cancer patients whose experimental treatment was stopped by a large cancer institution and the FDA, and forced the continuation of treatment (pro bono case).

Sucessfully represented the Burzynski Cancer Clinic in numerous state medical board proceedings, state and federal civil litigation, federal criminal investigations, and two criminal trials raising issues of FDA new drug violations and insurance misbilling. Representation from 1988 until 2015.

Represented numerous physicians, chiropractors, and other health practitioners in licensing and criminal proceedings, many of which cases raised cutting-edge medico/legal issues.

Advisor to U.S. Congress, Office of Technology Assessment report on Unconventional Medical Treatment

Helped organize, and testified at several Congressional Hearings on various issues related to access to experimental medicine.

Established the assumption of risk defense in New York medical malpractice in Schneider v. Revici and Boyle vs. Revici. The case also established the right of patients to seek unconventional or non-FDA unapproved treatments.

Numerous appearances on national media shows, such as Nightline, 48 Hours, This Morning, Dateline, Geraldo, and many others.

Lecturer and author of articles on various topics related to cutting-edge medicine.