Galileo’s Lawyer

Galileo’s Lawyer

galileocoverpicGALILEO’S LAWYER  By Richard A. Jaffe, ESQ.

Galileo’s Lawyer is an insider’s view of the alternative/complementary/integrative health/cutting edge treatments field as told from some of the biggest legal cases in the last thirty years.

  • Go inside the courtroom during the government’s attempts to shut down a cancer clinic which was saving hundreds of terminally ill patients, and see how the U.S. Congress came to the clinic’s rescue;
  • Meet a group of New Jersey Chiropractors who sued the government for “racketeering” for employing an illegal extortion scheme;
  • Watch the nutritionists battle the dietitians over dietary supplements; and
  • Find out why naturopaths are prosecuted for practicing medicine without a license.

Galileo’s Lawyer is a living history about the struggles between medical mavericks, patients, and the government.

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