Ken Stoller Case Update

Ken Stoller Case Update

Here is the latest onthe case and a couple other things going on in California on the medical exemption issue

Rick Jaffe, Esq.

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  1. Hello first of all thank you for all the information you keep us updated on. My question is if our child already has a medical exemption and this coming next school year the schools won’t accept it but there is no legal law allowing them not to accept it then what should we as parents do to fix it? Is there a paper of some sort that shows the school has no legal rights to reject the exemption that we can give them?

  2. Unfortunately there is nothing other than the statute and how it is interpreted. There is nothing in either SB 276/714 or SB 277 which gives a school the power to reject a medical exemption. The new law (SB 276/714) allows the CDPH to reject filed exemption forms which start in 2021, and also give it the power to revoke ME’s written by a physician who as been put under most common board orders. That’s it. The reality is however, that some schools will simply refuse to accept these ME’s (and that has happened last year) and the patents have no remedy other than suing which is an very expensive proposition, and not practical for most families.

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