My Letter to the Cali Senate Appropriations Committee Members

My Letter to the Cali Senate Appropriations Committee Members

I heard Senator Pan testify last week for the Health Committee. I think he was wrong in telling the Committee that the Medical Board is having difficuty pursuing physicians who are writing “fake” medical exemptions. so I decided to tell the Appropriation Committee members why.

Here’s my letter:


Rick Jaffe, Esq.

13 thoughts on “My Letter to the Cali Senate Appropriations Committee Members

  1. Thank you so much for writing this letter.
    What can we tell the committee in regards to the funds that would be needed to be allocated for SB276? Examples-Cost to review all 10,000 plus ME /all future ME, and the loss of school attendance funds for revoked ME? Cost if parents decide to sue the state for revoking a ME, ect?

      1. Can we share your letter to other legislatures to show the MBD has no problems going after doctors and getting medical records?

  2. I have heard that the CMA is meeting next week to figure out their official stance. Do you think it would be helpful to send a letter to them as well?

    Thank you for sending to the Appropriations Committee. May I send to my senator as well here in CA?

  3. Very nice, but very “legalese” and may lack the impact to scare/sway Senators who don’t even read the bill they are voting on (SB276 sailed through along party lines with Senators essentially “forgetting” to vote). Seems to be a common problem- no one is listening to reason, or reading it. They’re voting based on misinformation because it’s more dramatic (I.e. Pan’s statements). I wish we could teach them something more profoundly.

    1. so the alternative is have a bunch of people talk about their “rights” which don’t actually exist under U.S. law, or the Nurenberg Code which doesn’t apply in the U.S. or talk about their fragile children, which is a concept which only exists in the minds of SB 277/SB276 opponents and the 10 cali docs writing exemptions. Is that what you’re proposing? Even if the legislators are as clueless as you suggest, they do have staff, and normally even someone in charge of legisltive review in their office who explains things to them. They also could read the letter.

      1. Thank you for writing this very informative letter. You are absolutely right, the cal biz prof code section could be what helps defeat this bill.

  4. thankyou for taking the time to write such a comprehensive and well thought out letter. Your work is deeply appreciated on this issue.

  5. Hello,

    Thank you for writing this letter. My daughter got measles from the measles vaccine and she was ill for 2 weeks. Her symptoms were 100% identical to your average case of measles. That she got measles was denied by the treating physician. The sense of betrayal I feel led me to become extremely critical of vaccination because of the complete lack of transparency and after I saw how deep the denial goes around what vaccines can or cannot do. You see, an immunocompromised person is advised to be careful around a recently measles vaccinated person least they get the disease, but when a perfectly healthy child get measles from the vaccine, it is called a “reaction”. And because they deny the vaccine measles and the “reaction”, they then say, you must have another shot. My daughter’s vaccine measles was not reported to VAERS or to the CDC. She is one of the 5% of people who got such a “reaction”. And given the failure to report, I am 99% certain few other doctors report either, which means the 5% figure is wildly innacurrate.

    This bill removes the right for my physican to decide that perhaps a second dose would not be prudent. What if a highly powerful vaccine triggers her body to go into overdrive fighting artificial exposure to measles, and it triggers an autoimmune disease in the process? The risk of such an event is real considering she is genetically predisposed to an autoimmune disease on her maternal side to arthritis. And this is a well known risk as it is for any female receiving the MMR. To tell me some overworked state bureaucrat, maybe nit even a doctor, gets to make that call (“you must vaccinate again”) about my daughter’s health is criminal. So why doesn’t the Nuremberg Code apply in the US? If it doesn’t apply, is this how medical science can continue to run experiments, aka clinical trials, without the full informed consent of the subjects? A practicd which continues to happen in this country as well as to people in the third world in the name of medical advancement.

    Thank you for the letter.

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