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What is the Required Catch-up Vaccine Schedule for the Kids with Revoked Medical Exemptions?

What is the Required Catch-up Vaccine Schedule for the Kids with Revoked Medical Exemptions?

I have been asked this very important question about those families who have no choice but to have their children vaccinated due to the revocation of their child’s medical exemptions due to the disciplinary action of their medical exemption writing physician.

The CDC’s ACIP publishes a catch-up schedule, but California has a more specific conditional admittance schedule which is the binding legal authority for admittance into school based on vaccination.

Because I am a lawyer, I’ll start with the relevant statute, Health & Safety Code section 120375:

“(b) The governing authority of each school or institution included in Section 120335 shall prohibit from further attendance any pupil admitted conditionally who failed to obtain the required immunizations within the time limits allowed in the regulations of the department unless the pupil is exempted under Section 120370 until that pupil has been fully immunized against all of the diseases listed in Section 120335.”

The departmental regulation is attached. Look it over, but the most relevant parts seem to schedule C and D on pages 5 and 6. It is a chart listing the earliest time for the second (or third, fourth, fifth, or zillionth) shot by vaccine, and the date on which if that subsequent shot is not given, the child is excluded from school. The exclusion time is anywhere from 4 weeks after the first shot (e.g. MMR2) and 12 months (Polio). Some vaccines which are given multiple times have very different exclusion dates depending on which shot, (and it seems that the more shots, the longer the exclusion time period for the subsequent shots).

Here is the regulation:


The problem of course is that your child has to start getting all the shots, so you will have to consult with your child’s physician to work out the spacing of the different shots.

Hope this helps answer the basic question. I have now exhausted my knowledge base about this important issue. You should obviously consult with a knowledgeable physician to minimize the risks to your child if this is the path you have to take.

Rick Jaffe, Esq.