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Thanks for the Support at the Stoller San Francisco Rally on Friday! And some updates

Thanks for the Support at the Stoller San Francisco Rally on Friday! And some updates

Last Friday we held a rally to support Dr. Ken Stoller’s attempt to stop the San Francisco City Attorney’s subpoena for his medical vaccine exempt patient medical records. We started at the San Francisco Chronicle’s office and walked to City Hall. NBC covered the walk by helicopter, but not the event. ABC did tape my press conference (which was more of an informal chat to the crowd). I didn’t see the piece, if it aired. The event was also taped by Frontline USA and is available on its website. Scoll down to June 14th on the website. (Sorry for moving in and out of the picture frame, but I’m a pacer unless my hands are glued to a lectern).

Thanks to Heidi Light, Denise and a few others who helped with the event. It literally wouldn’t have happened without you folks.

Update on the Stoller Case and Media
No response from the City Attorney yet on the case. I’m sure it’s coming and it will be good. You’ll hear about it because no doubt there will be another press release, and all the media will cover it, and further vilify Ken Stoller, with a couple lines from his attorney.

Speaking of press vilifying him, expect a negative story from the San Jose Mercury soon, digital maybe tonight and in the paper tomorrow. They apparently got all or a good portion the San Francisco medical exemptions, deidentified, and the reporter had some questions. We’ll see how much of my answers make it into the story, but it’s a safe assumption that it will be highly critical of him, with the aforedescribed few lines from his attorney.

Update on the SB 276 Assembly Health Committee hearing
It’s still on for Thursday, so be there if you can make it. I’ve heard some concern voiced that it’s not getting enough public dissemination in social media circles. I hope that changes. I know some of the groups are diligently working on arranging for speakers and physicians to be present. Go there and make your voice heard!

Rick Jaffe, Esq.