Watch The Avengers of Free Speech Do A Deep Dive On Their Fight Against Censorship

Watch The Avengers of Free Speech Do A Deep Dive On Their Fight Against Censorship

Hear ye, hear ye! Advocates of free speech, assemble! Just as the Avengers rally to protect the world, a group of First Amendment champions are gathering to discuss their battles to safeguard our freedom of speech. Join them on August 17, 2023, at 8 PM EDT for a discussion as riveting as an Avengers movie. But instead of superheroes, we have some of the country’s leading warriors against censorship and defenders of the First Amendment.

Hosting the event will be presidential candidate RFK Jr., who is our combined Iron Man and the Hulk (Have you seen the guy’s workout video?!). He recently testified at the Congressional censorship hearing before Jim Jordan’s subcommittee on the weaponization of government. The Dems tried unsuccessfully to censor him, but they did smear, defame, and misrepresent his positions. Talk about irony! You couldn’t make this stuff up.

RFK Jr. was the first to challenge a social media company (Facebook) for First Amendment violations for succumbing to government pressure to censor people for so-called Covid misinformation. That case is pending decision before the 9th Circuit. I suspect the revelations revealed from Biden v Missouri will have a positive impact on his Facebook case. Thanks, Bobby, for getting the ball rolling on this. (And RFK Jr. has a companion case to Biden v. Missouri. The guy is always at it!)

The panel features Jenin Younis Esq, now serving as senior counsel to Jim Jordan’s aforementioned committee. You might remember her as the lead counsel in Biden v. Missouri before she joined Congressman Jordan back in April 2023. Or, you might remember her as lead counsel in the California case, Hoeg v Newsom (which together with RFK Jr.’s and my case, Hoang v. Bonta, obtained a preliminary injunction against the California Medical Board stopping AB 2098 dead in its tracks back in late January 2023). Jenin is our censorship combination of Captain America and Wonder Woman. But she must also have one of those Total Recall holographic projectors, because she was seemingly everywhere at the same time litigating these First Amendment cases. (And me thinks RFK has one of them on each appendage).

The panel will also feature four of the biggest thorns/targets of the censorship industrial complex, Glenn Greenwald, Sharyn Attkinnson, and Michael Shellenberger, each a superhero in their own right and each have provided incredibly important information about the government’s misdoings that it had been hiding. Also, one of the bravest former legislators in the country who is a part of the fight, Jamel Holly from New Jersey.

Free Speech patriots, assemble with them and let’s dive deep into the discussion on censorship, and maybe even what’s next!

Here is the link to sign up:

Rick Jaffe, Esq.

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