Update on the Eggleston Physician Censorship Case

Update on the Eggleston Physician Censorship Case

Yesterday, We had our prehearing conference in the Washington Medical Commission’s case against retired physician Richard Eggleston for writing opinion pieces in a Washington and Idaho regional newspaper that challenged many of the canards of the public health Covid narrative.

The online hearing will occur on May 24-26, starting at 9:00AM PDT. The public will able able to hear, but not see the proceedings.

We expect to have a few of the well-known medical and scientific luminaries who have similarly challenged the Covid narrative, including Yale Emeritus Professor Harvey Risch, JackLyons-Weiler, and a few others which I will talk about in a later post. Like the Meryl Nass hearing, there will be an administrative law judge plus probably three members of the Washington Medical Commission (what they call their medical board), one of whom may be a layman.

This case originated from a complaint filed by someone (not a physician) who read a bunch of Dr. Eggleston’s articles and didn’t like them, so he filed a complaint, alleging all kinds of crazy things, including that he was mistreating patients. (He must have missed the part where the doctor said he was a retired ophthalmologist.)

The Commission asked the Doctor to respond to the allegations. He did and gave them a piece of his mind about the Covid narrative. In response (and you’re going to do a double take on this), they also charged him with obstruction of the investigation for relating more of his opinions, beliefs, and thoughts about Covid.

It is hard to believe that this kind of thing can happen in the U.S. Unlike any other case I am aware of, there are no standard of care issues, no patient issues. The doctor is not being accused of any crimes or sexual activities with a patient. It’s just about what he wrote in a newspaper labeled as an “Opinion.”

If they can do it to him about Covid, what’s next?

I’ll keep this short because I am way deep in hearing prep. But, I am thinking about one more move prior to the hearing. So, stay tuned!

Rick Jaffe, Esq.

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