Join us for Bobby Kennedy’s Presidential Announcement Event in Boston on April 19th; Camelot 2.0 Begins!

Join us for Bobby Kennedy’s Presidential Announcement Event in Boston on April 19th; Camelot 2.0 Begins!

The news that Bobby Kennedy is running for president broke a couple days ago. For many people like me, it’s the most exciting thing we have heard in a long time. Most of you know that I work with Bobby on cases. He and I are counsel of record in Hoang v. Bonta, in which we obtained a preliminary injunction stopping AB 2098 from applying to California physicians.

We were also co-counsel in 2020 on the first mandate case (a flu mandate case) against the University of California. Although we didn’t get the preliminary injunction, based on our injunction papers, the UC decided to allow students to request a religious exemption from the flu shot. The original UC policy only granted that right to university teachers and employees. Our papers showed that policy was unconstitutional, so they backed down. I think that change of policy was subsequently incorporated into many universities’ vaccine mandate policies. And FYI, it was Bobby’s idea to sue the UC. So that’s just one more thing people should thank him for.

Plus, there is the little thing about him aggressively litigating to make sure that the country (and the world) has safe drinking water. Folks, it just doesn’t get more basic and important than that. This guy has spent his entire working life protecting people.

This whole vaccine thing he is involved in makes no sense career wise, and he knows it! It has transformed him from a revered-by-all brilliantly effective environmental advocate to a pariah to the pharma-industrial complex, the establishment, and even to members of his own family.

But Bobby is Bobby, and it is in his DNA to protect people, even if it makes him unpopular in establishment circles (to put it mildly). But to me (and all of you) that just ads another chapter to his profile in courage (literally reference intended and well-deserved).

Bobby’s formal announcement will be made at an event in Boston on April, 19th. If you’re in the neighborhood, (or anywhere else in the country) and want to help change politics and political discourse in this country, and support someone who actually gives a damm about the health and lives of people, join us at the beginning of this movement.

Here is the link to the event:

If you can’t make it in person, please donate. Here is the link.

This is going to be a grass roots campaign. Bobby has pissed-off too many of the corporate types (and the social media tycoons) to get their support. Many campaings have said it before, but Bobby has been walking the walk for decades as an advocate making things better for people. Now it’s time to put him in charge to shake things up with what will surely be a cross party candidacy and administration. Given the times we live in, that will be a very good thing.

Hope to see you in Boston on the 19th for the start of this journey.

Rick Jaffe, Esq.

5 thoughts on “Join us for Bobby Kennedy’s Presidential Announcement Event in Boston on April 19th; Camelot 2.0 Begins!

  1. Great news. A key difference between RFK and TRUMP…they both want to “drain the swamp” but RFK knows how and doesn’t have to play “mob boss” to do it.

    Now we need to avoid wasting energy and votes on two good candidates and move DeSantos into the VP slot.

  2. Halleluja!
    Thank you for your brilliant work and your updates, Richard Jaffe.
    And thank goodness for Bobby Kennedy!

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