Where are the CDC and Medicare Whistleblowers?

Where are the CDC and Medicare Whistleblowers?

Whistleblowers and smoking guns are the holy grails in impact litigation. They rarely surface, but when they do, they can make a case. I am sort of surprised that there haven’t been more of them since the pandemic. I’ve heard about and interacted with or about a couple of them, but I haven’t found the real deal yet, i.e., someone with current, non-stale compelling information.

I have some contacts in Congress. Now that the Republicans are back controlling one house, they would be interested in doing hearings, but it would have to be big and new, like deaths or provable (and perhaps quietly acknowledged) harm. Yes, individual legislators like Ron Johnson have held non-committee hearings with medical luminaries like Drs. McCullough, Malone, and Kory, but they are not insiders, and regrettably, they (and others like them) have been marginalized by the government and medical/pharma industrial complex.

Just to put it out there, here is what the movement needs, or more specifically what I need for my new project.

Someone from inside the CDC has information about whether and how the agency is manipulating the all-cause mortality data. More specifically, the agency is aware that their unpublished data or internal stratification data is consistent with the private insurance about the dramatic increase in all-cause mortality as shown in Ed Dowd’s book Unknown Causes (and if you haven’t read it, you should, like now! Here is the Amazon link to it. https://www.amazon.com/Cause-Epidemic-Sudden-Childrens-Defense/dp/1510776397. We would also need a name or a memo/smoking gun.

I (and many others) have a hunch that the CDC knows this and is hiding the information. I also think that Medicare data would also provide important information as it would show that another government agency is aware of the all-cause mortality increases and I suspect that there are internal documents rejecting some of the non-vaccine causative factors/possibilities. But that would be hard to prove without the aforementioned whistleblower and smoking gun. A whistleblower(s) and a smoking gun, if used properly would be an almost instant game-changer on many levels. So, I am putting it out there to see what the universe turns up.

Rick Jaffe, Esq.

2 thoughts on “Where are the CDC and Medicare Whistleblowers?

  1. I would like to put this out to my network. It would help if it were to quickly in short form review the protections that people would receive under the whistleblower act and any relevant regulations…let people know how it works to be a whistleblower and re-issue.

  2. I’ve wondered this, too. Why isn’t anyone at the CDC speaking up? Are the consequences too great? Makes me wonder how William Thompson is doing.

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