California Docs and Patients Should Join Them NOW!

California Docs and Patients Should Join Them NOW!

(Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Esq. for those of you who are reading this from beyond our solar system.)

(PIC’s fearless President, Shira Miller MD outside the Courtroon after the AB 2098 hearing. Editor’s note: She seems pleased and confident, and as turns out, for good reason. Thx Shira for backing this.)

(The rest of the legal team and our expert, Dr. Sanjay Verma)

As most of you know, on January 25th, senior federal district court Judge William B. Shubb granted a preliminary injunction barring the enforcement of AB 2098 (now Business and Professional Code Section 2270) pending his final decision on the merits of our case, Hoang v. Bonta, and the related case, Hoeg v. Lawson. (And hint: that might come sooner than you think.)

BUT, there is one BIG CAVEAT:


Here is the end of the opinion (page 29)

“IT IS THEREFORE ORDERED that plaintiffs’ motions for preliminary injunction (Hoeg Docket No. 5, Hoang Docket No. 4) be, and the same hereby are GRANTED. Pending final resolution of this action, defendants, their agents and employees, all persons or entities in privity with them, and anyone acting in concert with them are hereby ENJOINED from enforcing Cal. Bus. & Prof. Code Section 2270 as against plaintiffs. plaintiffs members, and all persons represented by plaintiffs.”

That means the decision applies to the five individual plaintiff doctors in the Hoeg case, but it also applies to all of the physician members of Plaintiff Physicians for Informed Consent (“PIC”).

Based on the judge’s ruling, I have received some inquiries from California physicians who want to bring their own lawsuits to get the same immunity from medical board prosecutions as the plaintiffs in the two cases.

Yes, that is a possibility, albeit an expensive one.


My view is that if a doctor is a member of PIC prior to providing the “Covid misinformation” which is the subject of a board investigation, the injunction should stop the investigation.

You don’t even necessarily need a lawyer! (Painful as it is for me to say it). Simply write back the board attaching a copy of the injunction with your membership card/letter which predates the investigation, and demand them to stop the investigation, on pain of their being held in civil contempt, personally. Now doesn’t that have a nice ring to it?

So my very strong recommendation to all California physicians who want to tell their patients something other than the mainstream Covid narrative is to JOIN PIC NOW. And because Children’s Health Defense provided almost all of the money for this case, join CHD as well to help Bobby’s group continue to support this lawsuit, and to get that extra layer of protection.)

here are the links to their join and donate pages:

CHD join

PIC join

CHD donate

PIC info and donate

Rick Jaffe, Esq.

One thought on “California Docs and Patients Should Join Them NOW!

  1. I’ve wondered about this since that ruling; what does “represented by” mean here? We know who the Plaintiffs are, we know who “plaintiffs’ members” are, but who are “persons represented by plaintiffs”?
    Doesn’t this mean specifically people other than Plaintiffs and Plaintiffs members?
    “Represented by Plaintiffs” indicates, to me, similarly situated persons who although aren’t Plaintiffs nor Plaintiffs’ members, are represented by the same circumstances of this case.
    Am I crazy?
    The language “persons represented by Plaintiffs” otherwise seems superfluous.

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