WE WON! AB 2098/B&P Section 2270 Has been stopped

WE WON! AB 2098/B&P Section 2270 Has been stopped

(sent to me by a certain high-profile team member)

Late Wednesday afternoon, Judge Schubb granted our motion (and the motion in the Hoeg v. Lawson case) for a preliminary injunction stopping the Attorney General and the Cali. medical boards from enforcing its Covid Misinformation bill. Here is the judge’s preliminary injunction order.


Our case is Hoang v. Bonta. As I expected, the expert declaration of Sanjay Verma was cited extensively by the judge as it demonstrated that there is no scientific consensus in Covid-19.

I think the case will now proceed on two and most likely three tracks.

First, we will litigate the case with Judge Schubb, which means discovery and eventually a summary judgment motion.

Second, I expect the AG’s office to appeal because Judge Slaughter in the Central District last month denied a preliminary injunction on the same statute.

Third, for reasons that I don’t want to go into just yet, now that we have the preliminary injunction, I intend to shift the focus of the case, broaden it to deal with what I expect to be some workarounds by the boards to undercut the impact of Judge Shubb’s opinion, and add a plaintiff and a couple of defendants. You’ll like it. I promise.

Today was a very, very good day for physicians’ free speech and health freedom. But tomorrow, we start working on the next battle. No rest for the committed.

Rick Jaffe, Esq.

11 thoughts on “WE WON! AB 2098/B&P Section 2270 Has been stopped

  1. AB 2098 is absolutely necessary! There is no threat to the patient physician trust relationship by inacting AB 2098. What it does is hold licensed independent practitioners accountable for the advice given to their patients. Practitioners MUST take responsibility for the advice given just as the patient has rights and responsibilities to be forthcoming with their healthcare provider/s. Patients are ultimately held responsible for their care however, a patient cannot be an informed consumer IF they are not receiving sound and accurate advice from their practitioners. Patients, clients, and consumers make decisions regarding their health that could delay care or cause death when ill advised.

  2. This is such great news. It almost got buried in my inbox. Much gratitude and appreciation for everyone who made this happen.

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