Must See CHD TV on AB 2098

Must See CHD TV on AB 2098

Here is the link to the legal update on CHD’s and PIC’s lawsuit against AB 2098.

There is an excellent discussion by Dr. Sanjay Verma explaining how often the public health authorities got it wrong during Covid and the lack of science behind the public health decisions we all have been living with for the past three years.

And I always have a good time when FG&J get together (Ray Flores, Greg Glaser, and yours truly).

(Hopefully, they edited out my apple watch making comments to me while I was speaking. Apparently, Siri didn’t like some of the things I said. So spoiler alert/heads-up, I might have appeared a little distracted at times. But not to worry, I’ve already told my Siri watch that she’s not coming to the hearing.)

FYI, this was recorded before Judge Slaughter issued his decision in the McDonald v. Lawson case denying the preliminary injunction against AB 2098.

I will have a lot more to say about that decision in my reply papers in our case, Hoang v. Bonta.

What I can say now is that Judge Slaughter arguably made a reasonable decision based on the record in that case and the arguments presented by counsel. But we are in a different ballpark with a different team and a completely different record. I think we can show our judge how Judge Slaughter got off-track and misunderstood the case law, and was not presented with evidence of how wrong and dangerous the mainstream Covid narrative has been.

So, watch out for that on January 9th.

Rick Jaffe, Esq.

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