LAWSUIT! CALI. MEDICAL BOARD SUED FOR FREE SPEECH VIOLATIONS, (and there might be more lawsuits coming)

LAWSUIT! CALI. MEDICAL BOARD SUED FOR FREE SPEECH VIOLATIONS, (and there might be more lawsuits coming)

Friday afternoon, I filed a federal civil rights lawsuit on behalf of a physician against the Medical Board of California for investigating him for speaking out in public against the government’s Covid mandates, and his questioning some of the “consensus” science and public health goals (zero Covid).

Per the first sentence of the introduction,

“This is a First Amendment challenge to the Medical Board of California’s attempt to intimidate by investigation, censor, and sanction physicians who publicly disagree with the government’s ever-evolving, erratic, and contradictory public health Covid edicts.”

The lawsuit continues by pointing out that

“Seventy-five years of judicial precedent has established that licensing agencies cannot sanction, prosecute or even investigate physicians for speaking out in public about a matter of public concern, regardless of the content, the expressed view point, and even if those views are contrary to the opinions of the “’medical establishment’“.

and it warns the Board that

“The courts have been extremely harsh when the government tries to suppress speech because of its content and viewpoint likening such efforts as an attempt to create an Orwellian “Ministry of Truth” and analogizing government efforts to interfere with medical discourse to the world’s most repressive regimes.”

The complaint is meant to educate people (including the apparently Constitutionally illiterate employees at the Medical Board) about the First Amendment rights of health care professionals.

Here is the complaint:


The next thing for me to file is a motion for a preliminary injunction. I would expect the Board to challenge the lawsuit. The hearing before the judge should be in around 60 days or maybe after labor day. There’s much more work to do to get to that point.


Here are the links to donate (credit card, and Paypal(including credit card via Paypal) and Zelle)

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Please support the right of physicians to speak out against government’s ever changing Covid edicts.

If there is a big enough response from the community, two other things will happen:

First, once AB 2098 gets finalized, the First Amendment violations in the bill will be added to this lawsuit.

Second, If I can find the right plaintiffs, similar lawsuits will be filed around the country against other medical boards which are doing the same to other physicians.

Balls to the walls!

Rick Jaffe, Esq.

4 thoughts on “LAWSUIT! CALI. MEDICAL BOARD SUED FOR FREE SPEECH VIOLATIONS, (and there might be more lawsuits coming)

    1. Amazing Rick! Will donate. My husband works for LA Co Fire and part of lawsuit in regards to their vaccine mandate. Can’t freaking wait for discovery!! I will also say that my UCLA doctor struck up a conversation with me in regards to how pissed her and her colleagues are about all of this Covid BS. At first. I didn’t want to engage because I assumed it was going to be a fear mongering conversation but she went on to say that it’s beyond reprehensible what is occurred and how the media is left totally unchecked. She mentioned her group wanted to write a letter in regards to the nonsense. It actually made me phappy to hear her say that because UCLA has been pushing really hard with the vaccine BS. I think there’s more doctors around to feel this way than we realize.

  1. Balls to wall is right! You go sir! Thank you very much. I’m excited for you and this doctor and the rest of us who this will affect! I can’t wait to see how this unfolds. Best wishes and lots of positive vibes headed your way.

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