Breaking News: The Supremes Just Struck Down NY’s and Every States’ Right to Impose Open Carry Gun restrictions; It’s Going to Suck to be a Cop

Breaking News: The Supremes Just Struck Down NY’s and Every States’ Right to Impose Open Carry Gun restrictions; It’s Going to Suck to be a Cop

The Supremes have just released its opinion on New York’s open carry of guns law, aka New York State Rifle & Pistol Association v Bruen. . Here are the opinions. 20-843_7j80

In short, the Supremes (or the conservative majority) struck down the New York law which restricted the open carrying of legally owned guns because it violated the Second Amendment, as it was understood back when the Constitution was written by a bunch of white racist, misogynistic slave owners (many of them anyway, and who in fairness were very smart and very forward-thinking for people in the late 18th century).

This decision means that states can no longer prevent citizens from carrying guns in public. States can no longer require a separate license/permit like an open carry permit. (But you can bet your patooties that the Supremes won’t allow guns in their workplace.)

As Alito’s concurrence points out, the decision doesn’t affect who can legally possess a gun. “All” it does is say if you can possess a gun, you can carry it in public without any special government-issued permit.

So for example, if some of the 20,000,000 owners of AR 15s or other semi-automatic rifles want to protest in front of the state capital buildings in Albany, Austin, or anyplace else, (like they did in Lansing), or in front of a government official’s home, well then have at it AR 15 owners!

AR 15 owners at Black Lives Matter and transgender rallies? Sure, why not? 50 or 500 guys instead of that one kid with the AR 15 protecting property who in self-defense killed a couple of them, (after one of them shot at him). The problem there was that there just weren’t enough of those guys with AR 15s at these lefty protests. What could possibly go wrong?

And lest we forget the unbelievable and pathetic act of cowardice in Texas a couple weeks ago where armed and supposedly trained police officers refused to save school children because they were afraid of one gunman with a semi automatic gun.

Since police officers only routinely carry pistols, well, it’s going to suck to be a police officer protecting state capital and municipal buildings and their occupants, or US government buildings and their occupants, or the homes of controversial government officials, and even Supreme Court justices.

Of course, the justices in the majority in this case, don’t have anything to worry about from the far right. But what going to happen when the same majority eliminates the right to abortion as it will do today or tomorrow? I’ll bet some of the crazy lefties have a few of these 20,000,000 weapons of war. Again, it’s going to suck to be the cops protecting these folks.

Let’s see how the US Capital responds to the next far-right protests with the far-right armed better than the capital police. If I were a wacko strategist for some of these groups, I’d start planning some protests at these buildings to show off their new Supreme Court-created powers of intimidation. But why would anyone expect actual violence? Certainly, not the majority in this case, don’t. Or maybe they think that is a necessary price of protecting the Second Amendment rights of people, and there is no price to dear to pay.

I think this decision and the expected decision overturning Roe v. Wade is going to change America, dramatically for the worse. Specifically, I think it will lead to a level of random and planned or expected violence the likes of which this country has never seen outside of the last civil war.

And if you connect this up with what is currently happening in Washington with the congressional hearings, and the intense polarization and abject hatred that the opposite sides have for each other. What could possibly go wrong with letting 20,000,000 semi-automatic gun owners, and tens of millions (or more) pistol owners carry their guns in restaurants, parks, and protests.

20,000,000 semi-automatic gun owners, many of whom have sworn allegiance to a man who used to be in charge.

Siri tells me that there are around 658,000 police officers employed in the US, and around 338,000 national guard members. Like I said, based on this decision, it’s going to suck to be a police officer after this decision. Good job guys (and gal).

Rick Jaffe, Esq.

9 thoughts on “Breaking News: The Supremes Just Struck Down NY’s and Every States’ Right to Impose Open Carry Gun restrictions; It’s Going to Suck to be a Cop

  1. My 15 year olds English final thesis: “Extreme views cause conflict”. And we ,without a doubt , have become a country of extremism: Mandatory medical procedures, mandatory lockdowns, late term abortions, no abortions, no guns, no gun laws, and the list goes on and on…

  2. How about helping defend them sir? We need more positive discussion and a view from both sides do we not? Would you rather folks could not defend themselves and only these criminals BLM folks cause riots and such,while others protected themselves w/ rocks and sticks like in the middle east?
    These ‘new laws’ both sides came to agreement on this week, will NOT prevent school or other workplace/event tragedies, let’s be honest and straight.
    Background check and such, would NOT have stopped any of this ‘mental unstable’ folks stop doing what they did. Let’s be real here. Some if not many, did not have “red, white, blue or yellow flags”.

    1. Not completely sure what your point is.
      Not the current regulation because it won’t stop it?
      Well what about making assault rifles illegal? that could stop all the assault rifle killings if people would comply. (But they wouldn’t of course without violence).
      I happen to be against individuals owning assault rifles, and I’m sure that you and most others reading these mostly vaccine related posts disagree with that.
      per this post, just wait and see what’s going to happen. It’s going to be open season on government officials and protesters.
      and on a meta level. I’m fine with disagreeing with people on specific issues and it doesn’t affect my personal views. I appreciate you and your past comments. On this we disagree apparently. No biggie to me.

  3. And why will it suck to be a cop? Criminals have no problems finding weapons and abuse them and that certainly won’t change because of a SCOTUS decision one way or the other. The shootings won’t be stopped by tightening gun laws, just look at Chicago. You really think criminals will hand over guns willingly? Nonsense. The gun grabbing is only because the left wants to turn us into a totalitarian state. Noone on the left wants to discuss the most important question on school shootings: Why are these shooters going crazy in the first place? Ahh, nothing quite like the taste of liberal tears.

  4. Oh NO!!! This is terrible! The only reason average citizens aren’t out offing people with ARs is because the government was controlling them! And now what? Now all these gun owners are gonna come outta the closet and start waving their pistols around for all to see. And that’s gonna turn everyone into a gun owner. And and and then they’re going to start having gun pride parades. And gun pride month. And gun flags. And everybody’s gonna be into banging guns. And it’s just gonna be suns out guns out everywhere you look.

    1. it’s not the gun pride parades I’m worried about. Anti-gun priders aren’t going to counter-protest with AR 15’s. It extreme right-wing protests at government offices and the homes of government officials I am worried about, protected by police with just handguns and a few shotguns. Who brings a handgun to an automatic rifle fight? the police

        1. BTW, I kind of surprised you allowed this comment. I thought you would censor it. See. I have hope.

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