Stoller Writ of Mandate (to the Court of Appeals) Denied; Next Step, the Cali. Supreme Court

Stoller Writ of Mandate (to the Court of Appeals) Denied; Next Step, the Cali. Supreme Court

stollerwritofmandaterajLast Friday, the Sacramento appellate court denied Ken Stoller’s writ of mandate seeking to overturn the Sacramento superior court’s denial of our writ of administrative mandate. As is often the case in what are called “extraordinary writs,” the appellate court didn’t have much to say on the merits, and that’s an understatement. Here is the entirety of the order: “The petition for writ of mandate is denied.”

There is no automatic right to appeal a denial of an extraordinary writ to the Supreme Court of California. Rather, the procedure is to file a writ of review to ask the Supreme Court to consider the case. It is like certiorari in the U.S. Supreme court. Meaning, very, very small chance the court will take the case. But, we’ve gone this far, so we’ll see this through to the end of the state judicial process. Very short time window on this. So, more another time.

For what it’s worth, here is our petition for a writ of mandate to the court of appeals. I think it clearly lays out why the two judges were wrong about the case. Maybe it’s the times we live in…


Rick Jaffe, Esq.

4 thoughts on “Stoller Writ of Mandate (to the Court of Appeals) Denied; Next Step, the Cali. Supreme Court

  1. Is there no ‘Request for a Statement of Decision’ at the appellate level regarding writs?
    Nothing worse than not knowing why you’re being denied.

  2. Not in this state Tim, its easy – All crooked ! From Governor to his minions like Pan and this “expert” Blumberg that KCRA keeps using for only God knows why out of the entire state. Never give real reason. Good luck Mr. J w/ the SC. Unfortunate many families are moving this year out of CA, hope Pan gets what’s coming to him from above!

  3. My daughter was Dr Stoller’s patient. She was force vaccinated. She is now suffering the exact consequence Dr Stoller wrote the exemption for in an attempt to avoid it.
    Does anybody care?
    Does that even matter in this corrupt system that is trying to kill us?

  4. As an aside,
    The vax fanatic school nurse who reported Dr Stoller is in the hot seat. A 5 yr at our school was vaccinated without parental consent and same attorneys who successfully defeated LAUSD mandatory vax policy are taking the case/ moving fwd with a lawsuit.
    We just had another school closure do to the highest case rate in all of CA. This after our school moved fwd with mandatory vax policy and clinics during school hours.

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