First Live Stream YouTube Vlog, Tomorrow, 1/28 at 9 AM PST on Cali. SB 871

First Live Stream YouTube Vlog, Tomorrow, 1/28 at 9 AM PST on Cali. SB 871

As promised/threatened, I’m starting a YouTube channel on health law. I was going to start off with the CDC’s recent findings supporting natural immunity, but in light of Senator Pan’s dropping his COVID mandate bill, SB 871, I thought I’d start with that. I will take up the natural immunity in the next one, suggesting that the courts need to revisit the mandate issue in light of these findings, and the probably next COVID variant, which is Omnicon B2. I think this new daughter variant should also have deep implications for health policy relating to mandates.

But back to the first one on SB 871, to give a short analysis. (It’s not a complicated bill). Give you my perspective based on the last two amendments (SB 277 and SB 276); briefly outline the legislative process, and suggest what could impact the legislative process, uphill battle that it may be.

Submit questions you want to be addressed in the comments below or in the live stream (if the dam thing actually allows me to do see questions).

FYI: I am told that I have the perfect face for radio, and a great voice for written blogs. So, be forewarned.

here is the link to the event:

Talk tomorrow.

Rick Jaffe, Esq.

6 thoughts on “First Live Stream YouTube Vlog, Tomorrow, 1/28 at 9 AM PST on Cali. SB 871

  1. I guess I’m wondering about the nexus between natural/acquired immunity becoming a real, evidence-based thing, and Pan’s bill. Does the law require mandated vaccines to have actual efficacy? Does the law require there to be proof that there is no other way to prevent or treat a disease (than a vaccine)? Does the law recognize natural/acquired immunity in a way that would preclude a mandate such as Pan’s? If it doesn’t, do the courts have a role in keeping Pan or a future equally odious legislator from mandating anything at all, for any reason invented from whole cloth, for the so-called greater good. Or is it purely a legislative exercise, in which case CA is really and truly up a creek. Thanks for spinning up this live vlog. Looking forward to it.

  2. If a grandfathered medical exemption states “exempt from all vaccines ” then that should include the covid vaccine as well, correct ? Should this bill become law …

    1. Thank you so much for answering my question on the video. Great information and I appreciate your time making it and posting !

  3. I could not attend the live. But this link is not taking me anywhere and says no videos. Can you please link me to the video so I can watch it?

    1. Ben: Historically, kids on an IEP have not had to comply with the mandatory school vaccination schedule.Not sure about the ADA. This is based on what I’ve heard from parents whose kids had IEPs, not on individual research or cases I’ve worked on.

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