Do you want to get some of the basics about vaccine mandate litigation, but rest your eyes? Then listen to my podcast X 2+++++

Do you want to get some of the basics about vaccine mandate litigation, but rest your eyes? Then listen to my podcast X 2+++++

I have written much about all the vaccine litigation swirling around the courts. One of my recent posts was read by the highly regarded California appellate attorney Tim Kowal. Tim along with another successful appellate attorney, Jeff Lewis host a podcast for California trial and appellate attorneys focusing on substantive issues as well as trial and appellate strategies. Tim invited me onto their podcast to talk about vaccine mandate litigation. He liked the way I organized and categorized these disparate lawsuit to make them understandable to laymen and lawyers who don’t pay close attention to the field

These guys are very sharp and asked very insightful questions. The podcast just came out today. Their timing is excellent with the upcoming oral arguments in President Biden’s executive order mandates before the Supremes which will take place on Thursday.

The main issue in the cases to be heard on the Supreme’s shadow docket this week is whether the federal executive has the constitutional authority to issue vaccine mandates. Historically, mandates have been a matter of state and local law. It’s a 10th Amendment thing. Secondarily, there are statutory issues, like whether almost three years into the pandemic we’re still in an emergency situation requiring a federal, one size fits all response, as well as other statutory issues.

I have to warn you all. Although I am a little irreverent and sarcastic in these blogs. When I speak, I am at a whole different level of … a lot of things, bluntness, practicality, realism, and less neutral and more scatological descriptors. Some of what I say, you won’t like, and it might even offend your sensibilities and your worldview. But, it is not out of the realm of possibility that you might also get a good laugh, or cheer, and want to throw something at your computer screen or phone.

Anyway: here it is. The taping was over an hour but I think they edited it down.

Hope you find it educational. Thanks to you Tim and Jeff. I had a great time!

And Coming to you soon! more of me (for better and/or worse)

And FYI: I had such a good time doing it and it was so freeing being able to speak, I’ve decided to start doing my own podcasts on health law issues, vaccination, stem cells, functional medicine, nutritional supplement, and other topics I’ve been litigating for the past decades. If you have any ideas for topics, guests, or general advice, drop me an email. I plan on doing a few trial runs in a couple of weeks. For grins, I’ll start with some live podcasts and take some questions on the topic at hand, which most likely will be on vaccine mandates in the omicron times. I also expect to broaden out because of the troubled times we live in.

Rick Jaffe, Esq.

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