Kelly Sutton’s Medical License is Revoked by the Medical Board of California

Kelly Sutton’s Medical License is Revoked by the Medical Board of California

We got word a few days ago that the Medical Board adopted the Administrative Law Judge’s proposed decision to revoke her medical license for writing 8 medical exemptions that were not compliant with the CDC’s ACIP guidelines. It was a tough but not unexpected decision given the hostility the Board has against doctors who were charged with writing more than a couple of exemptions. Here is the decision. You won’t like it. CCF12152021

I want to share two important behind-the-scenes facts. First, Kelly was offered a settlement last spring which would have allowed her to keep her medical license. She refused the deal in large part because signing the deal would have meant that all the medical exemptions she had written would have been revoked in the spring. She made clear to me that her first priority was to keep her exemptions in place as long as possible. Her decision (and my marching orders) gave her medical exempt children an extra half a school year, albeit at the cost of her California medical license. In the war against mandatory school vaccination, that makes her a hero and I thought you all should know that.

Her decision to litigate is even more heroic because it became clear that the office of Administrative hearings takes the position that it does not have the authority to create or decide what is the standard of care. The administrative law judges simply accept what the Board’s expert says is the standard of care. As a result, the only defense to a medical board case involving the standard of care is to argue that the Board’s expert is incorrect, in that the doctor’s conduct complies with the standard of care articulated by the Board’s expert. In Kelly’s case that would mean arguing that the medical exemptions were ACIP Guidelines compliant. But of course, none of the medical exemptions written by Kelly, Ken Stoller, Ron Kennedy or any of the other doctors who were sanctioned met the community standard of care which is to follow the ACIP Guidelines. Despite being told this and basically being told that she was going to lose the case, she insisted on litigating the case (at a considerable personal expense to her) to extend the life of her medical exemptions.

The Board’s Order is effective at the beginning of January, so if your child has a medical exemption from Kelly, expect it to be revoked early next year and plan accordingly.

Kelly still has a medical license from another state, but because of reciprocal sanctioning by medical boards, that license is in jeopardy. However, she tells me that one way or the other, she will still offer her considerable expertise and professional services to those who need it. Stay tuned for more details.

Rick Jaffe, Esq.

13 thoughts on “Kelly Sutton’s Medical License is Revoked by the Medical Board of California

  1. Thank you for sharing this, however discouraging this news is. What do you think can turn these situations around? Is there any legal or societal solution you can imagine to this level of corruption and injustice in our medical system? For instance why can’t she and other doctors simply start another different system of licensure etc, and see which patients come (I would predict many). The AMA ruthlessly created their monopoly once upon a time when the public was unaware of what was happening. Now awareness is high and growing, and there is a huge demand for an alternative less corrupt system to allow the pursuit of science and intelligent medical care. Why can’t we the people allow and support its creation, along with interested practitioners? This is somewhat related to David Martin’s vision, to build a better parallel system and society and let it compete with the current one. How can we help facilitate this, there must be some ways to do so?! Thank you as always.

  2. Dr Sutton is a hero, it is only thru action and ideology such as hers that we will win this fight against medical tyranny

  3. She is beyond a hero on this earth plane realm. I am so thankful for people like her because it gives me faith something more exists. Love takes on new meaning.

  4. A true hero! Good things are going to come her way for standing up for what she believes in! What an amazing individual. Thank you, Kelly!

  5. I wanted to share that perhaps she and other openminded doctors may be able to join or start a membership based model for healthcare such as with the James Clinic, There is also the integrative Ezra wellness clinics model they are starting in Canada, particularly for practitioners punished for questioning the current narrative. It seems high time to create different models and options and let people decide which they prefer and want to support. Would love to hear any thoughts about legal issues or options or other ideas, thank you!

  6. “Community standard of care – follow the ACIP Guidelines ?? Such a joke, the judge and this board.
    Continue the Fight Dr. Kelly & Mr. Jaffe

  7. The pharma nazis are on the lose as usual and that includes everybody in the food chain from the corrupt medical board to judges. They’re all in it to support their big pharma daddy

  8. A long time ago during one of the vaccine mandates for school in CA fights, I read that someone had contacted the CDC about the ACIP Contraindications and Precautions…and the CDC employee who responded (and whose name was not given in the material I saw) stated that the CDC/ACIP Contraindications and Precautions were not intended to limit physicians to writing only medical exemptions based on those contraindications and precautions. I wish the CDC could be persuaded to “shout this from the mountaintops” and particularly to all the state medical boards…but there’s no chance of that, is there…

  9. I would guess she still has legal bills. How do we contribute?

    Wonderful woman and doctor. This is a travesty…a real travesty.

  10. Follow the money. Doctors, scientists, and others have been goose stepping with what’s been going on because they’ve been bribed, threatened, or blackmailed. A lot of professionals and white-collar workers have been following harmful orders willingly because they fully embrace fascism.

    In the US, doctors have been huge pushers of drugs and sickness. For the ones who no longer fit into this new norm, suggest rebranding into pushers of fitness and health. Almost every prescribed drug is based on something Mother Nature provides to us. For Dr. Sutton’s patients who may lose their medical exemptions, suggest telling them to submit religious exemptions. This is a right all of us have. One doesn’t need to belong to an organized religion or to attend formal services. The Healthy American dot org site has free info showing how to do it. They also offer paid assistance to those who need that.

  11. Why do we have the AMA and other crooked agencies that set medical policy and standards? To serve pharma.

    Like the broken legal system, how many people will stand by the side of these crooks once the charade is over?

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