Cancer Doc Stanislaw Burzynski explains his theory of cancer and his targeted gene therapy approach (and my worlds collide)

Cancer Doc Stanislaw Burzynski explains his theory of cancer and his targeted gene therapy approach (and my worlds collide)

For those of you who don’t know about him, Stanislaw Burzynski has been treating advanced cancer patients since the late 1970s with a novel peptide compound he discovered (and later synthesized). In the last dozen or so years he has been on the cutting edge of multi-agent targeted gene therapy in what is called personalized cancer treatment. Along the way, he has run into a quantum level more trouble with governments and other institutions than any other maverick health care practitioner in the world. Stan and his patients who demanded access to his non-FDA approved treatment originated the right to try/expanded access to investigational treatments back in the mid-90s, first with expanded compassionate use under the Clinton Administration, ultimately leading to the right to try movement which is now federal law and the law of most states. (Full disclosure for those of you who don’t know, I was involved in many of these battles for a few decades, as detailed in Chapter 2 of Galileo’s Lawyer.)

Forty five years later, he’s still treating advanced cancer patients and still looking for funding to do the phase 3 clinical trials (for DIPG a very nasty and fatal childhood cancer).

Documentarian Eric Merola has done a series of movies and interviews with Stan starting ten years ago. The first one won some awards but was hated by the mainstream cancer establishment.

Recently, Eric has put together a series of interviews with Stan. Here is a link to Stan’s explanation of his theory of cancer been a genetic disease and how it should be treated and why it’s so tough to treat.

In this Covid crazy world we live in, we should remember that there are other important issues and battles to be fought.

Stan’s wife, Barbara, who co-founded the Burzynski enterprise (a clinic and a drug manufacturing facility) died a few weeks ago of Covid. She was 80 and unvaccinated. The disease attacked her lungs and she passed within two weeks. Stan went through some very tough times fighting the federal and state governments. Barbara was his most vociferous supporter and kept him on track with grace and inner strength.

I am a long-time health freedom advocate who is active in the vaccine mandate field. But I’d be lying if I said it hasn’t given me pause to think, especially as we now pass the 700k death number (for those who accept this or any statistics from the government). Health freedom has a cost.

There are a number of YouTube interviews in Eric’s series about Dr. Burzynski. You will find them interesting and aligned with how you think about things. Stan is a unique voice in the cancer field, and someone who will be viewed by history as a pivotal part of the health freedom movement. So check them out.

Rick Jaffe, Esq.

6 thoughts on “Cancer Doc Stanislaw Burzynski explains his theory of cancer and his targeted gene therapy approach (and my worlds collide)

  1. Did Dr Stan’s dear wife take any of the treatments that most hospitals refuse to give? Ivermectin? HCQ?
    Was she hospitalized?
    Did she have underlying issues?

  2. As far as I know, she was as healthy as a horse. I thought she would live to 100. She was hospitalized at the end. I don’t know, but doubt she got either because hospitals don’t allow those meds (unless forced by a court). I’m not sold on either med as a treatment, though I know it gives comfort to those opposed to the vaccine and those who deny the seriousness/life-threatening nature of the disease. But as a health freedom advocate for expanded access to investigational drugs (and neither are; the are full-on FDA approved drugs given off label, which is the right of every physician to do/prescribe, and ironically is the basis of Stan’s treatment approach) I am full on in favor of a patient taking any investigational or approved drug he/she can get their hands on.

  3. The average life expectancy is 75 years old. After that age, your immune system declines and nearly any virus can take you out. You can die from a hip injury! Thousands of people die from the flu every year- except last year when nearly nobody died from the flu? It has already been proven that numbers have been overblown. The majority of the population has a 99.98 survival rate. If they can strip us of our rights and claim ownership over our bodies for a virus that has nearly 100% survival rate for the majority of the population, than they can literally do it for anything- and they will!

  4. As I said many, many times before, you don’t have the rights you think you have, in terms of personal freedom of activities which could effect other people, and that’s what the courts keep saying, namely Jacobson is the law of the land and puts a limit on personal freedom.

  5. (1) There are effective treatments for covid. For example, and
    (2) The vaccines are not working. The apparent effectiveness comes from looking at the benefit for fully-vaccinated people, 14-days post final round. These people do show a reduction in risk of death. But this ignores the people killed or injured after the first round, who will not get a second shot, no way no how. Net benefit is pretty much zero, today. And the fully-vaccinated who won this Russian roulette are having their vaccine effectiveness wane, so they will have to play again, and again, with ongoing boosters. The best way to see this is via all-cause death analysis:

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