Supplemental Memo filed in Ken Stoller’s Appeal (Writ of Adminitrative Mandate)

Supplemental Memo filed in Ken Stoller’s Appeal (Writ of Adminitrative Mandate)

here is the link to the update.

Here is the Supplemental Memo.


Rick Jaffe, Esq.

14 thoughts on “Supplemental Memo filed in Ken Stoller’s Appeal (Writ of Adminitrative Mandate)

  1. We are praying!! Is there ETA when a court would respond to you here? We are on the verge of moving out of state depending on this case. Thank you Mr Jaffe!

    1. Hi Kevin,
      Same with our family. This will be my son’s freshman year and our daughter’s senior year of high school.

        1. unfortunately, the whole choice and informed consent (or at least the way the vaccine concerned talk about informed consent) thing is not the law and actually has never been the law. Those are big asks of the courts during a pandemic. Too big of asks for a simple guy like me to ask.

          1. Too big asks??
            What about the Indiana Univ attorney and parents who are asking to pause this. I would “think” a pandemic would cause judges and normal folks to think twice now and re-review.
            All we can do is ask.
            You miss 100% of shots you don’t take, isn’t that the saying???

      1. Judge: Hon. James P. Arguelles Dept: 17
        Hearing Date: July 23, 2021

        What do we know about this judge??

  2. Also what about Indiana state parents now filing lawsuit injunction to stop forced vaccine to their students?
    Can’t we ask for presenting new evidence in light of recent pandemic changes?
    Their attorney seemed very confident, Mr
    Jim Bopp
    Calling on the
    14th amendment

    1. Confidence is a good thing. The papers seem a little light on the science. Now that I’ve taken care of my main obligations on my medical exemption cases, I am going to focus on the COVID vaccine issue, two things I am thinking about, the mandate for people who already had it and children in light of the almost 11% adverse event rate. You can expect to hear more about that from me and a round 2 with the UC. I’ll be posting about my thoughts, inquiries and requests soon.

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