Kelly Sutton’s Medical Board Case Goes to Hearing On June 14th

Kelly Sutton’s Medical Board Case Goes to Hearing On June 14th

We are getting close to the hearing date of Kelly Sutton’s hearing on her writing 8 medical exemptions which were not in compliance with the ACIP guidelines. Given all my recent posts about the revocation of ME’s written by disciplined doctors, I don’t have to remind any of you what is at stake for the families who are holding and counting on ME’s written by Dr. Sutton.

I started a GoGetFunding campaign a short time ago and I just posted an update. It discusses the case and the basic issues. Here is the link to that update.

It also discusses an expert report we got from Dr. Jack Weiler which is terrific and no doubt the board will try to suppress (i.e. move in limine to prevent the judge from hearing or considering his testimony). It is such a good report on the state of vaccine science and the problems therein, it was just too good not to share. So here it is.


You’re my hero, Dr. Jack, as are the other experts who bravely decided to come forward and speak their truth to power.

In another post, I will give you all a deep dive into some of the immunological problems which can occur in these kids via another excellent expert report we received from a world class former government immunologist. You’ll love that one too, so stay tuned.

Rick Jaffe, Esq.

6 thoughts on “Kelly Sutton’s Medical Board Case Goes to Hearing On June 14th

    1. two questions in any lawsuit who do you sue and for what.
      hard to argue that the state doesn’t have the right to revoke a ME for a doctor who got into trouble for writing inappropriate ME’s, which most of the disallowed/revoked ME’s are from. I don’t think there are that many from doc’s disciplined for other reasons. So exclude from the case ME’s From Sears, Stoller Kennedy, Tara Z? they did most of them, the rest are random docs here and there.
      And what is the suit for? Ultimately, the complaint is that you don’t believe in mandatory vaccination and want the PBE back, but that fight is over and lost. There is no constitutional right to keep an ME which the board has found (and in the SOCAL cases, the docs had agreed or acquiesced that they were problematic. Right to education? Again, that was lost in the SB 277 cases.

  1. Rick – In regards to your statement above … My child was given a ME from a doctor that was disciplined for a non vaccine matter. We do exist. I’ve written to the appeals board to appeal, to ask what the appeal process is for us. They just send a standard email that refers me back to their appeal form that is not reflective of our case.

    The law (SB714) says I have a right to appeal but then it says that they can set the process and guidelines for it. So, does that mean I can’t appeal or should I now take it to the procedural court now as you mention in another blog? Are there procedural lawyers?

    Or any other suggestions as to what to do next? From anyone? Homeschooling would be near impossible for our family situation. My child could possibly qualify for an IEP but since our school is private, I’m told by an IEP consultant it wouldn’t even qualify because private schools don’t have IEP’s only ISP’s. I can’t move for specific reasons. Exploring the homeoprophylaxis route though they don’t count as vaccines, and it doesn’t seem like they raise titers. I’m curious if anyone has a different experience with them?

    So, what next? There has got to be some way we can all figure this out on how to keep our kids in school and leave poisons out of their bodies. We can do this, but how? We are setting the precedent for our country. California is where change happens. There has to be a path.

  2. Sadly, I have zero faith the system will work in our favor. I’m sure we will end up losing our exemptions provided by Dr Sutton. My question is this: how long does this process take? The trial, a decision etc. My child is entering their senior year of high school in August and I need to prepare them for the fact they may have to homeschool their final year. Do you think this could happen that fast? Or would they literally be pulled out mid year if the medical board disciplined her after school started?

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