Must See TV! UC Flu Mandate Preliminary Injunction Video Hearing today at 2:30 PM Pacific Time:

Must See TV! UC Flu Mandate Preliminary Injunction Video Hearing today at 2:30 PM Pacific Time:

Finally, the day of our hearing has arrived. It’s at 2:30 PM Pacific time, today November 5, 2020.

Here is the link to watch or listen to. Most likely, the judge will not announce his decision today, but will take it under advisement, but you never know, he could say something about how he is going to rule, so literally stay tuned.

good thoughts, well-wishes and prayers grratefully accepted.

Rick Jaffe, Esq.

14 thoughts on “Must See TV! UC Flu Mandate Preliminary Injunction Video Hearing today at 2:30 PM Pacific Time:

  1. Good luck
    You are on a right side of history representing all of us who do not consent to totalitarian tiptoe! We are strong!
    Thank you and god bless!

  2. Most appreciated you are fighting the good fight and resisting this crap on all of our behalf.
    Best of success to your team…..

    -Victim #1000

  3. Hello, Thanks for all your good work for this, very appreciated.

    good thoughts, well-wishes and prayers grratefully accepted. Will be sending many prayers n others too 🙂

  4. Good luck today! Thank you for all the hard work and consistent information through the process.

    Thanks you!

  5. The order should have never been written in the first place. If they want to write a memo and link to some CDC or whatever source it would have been received as any memo. It’s up to each person to determine their risk factors and make health choices, especially with something like the seasonal flu. Flu season will more than likely be gone before campuses are reopened anyway and all the COVID protocols that are being followed also help reduce the spread of the flu.
    I read the original PDF of the executive order, not the filtered down interpretations that come through the various channels for campuses. The executive order should have been red flagged from the beginning because it was put in effect on the last day of the previous president. The order acknowledges the stay at home/remote work order, but fails to read the situation and in comprehension that the majority of people are off campus anyway. The order mentions legal authorities that can declare a state of emergency, and it empowers health officers, not the UC to issue health orders. Another red flag is they had to check with the labor unions about the order.
    The order does list as point 1 that they “encourage” people and their families to get the flu vaccine, that will not be going on campus. Unfortunately, the word “encourage” often gets changed out by lack of basic understanding for “mandatory” or free license for straight up pressuring, which often ends up being harassment. But since most will not be on campus, the mandate of point 2 does not apply and is completely worthless.
    Pont 2 is a mandate of anyone going to campuses to get a flu vaccine. HIPPA privacy however means your health records are nobody’s business except who you allow to see them. That makes enforcement almost impossible.
    But of all things, pressuring people who are vulnerable to go somewhere where a large number of people congregate increases the potential for exposure to COVID.

    1. To their point that this “only” affects 100k. I’m one of the 100k. I’m an essential worker. So please tell me why it’s okay for my employer to force me to inject a vaccine so I can work and get paid, while the rest of the UC, who are able to work from home, aren’t required? This is morally and ethically wrong. What is next?

  6. Waiting over here, rather impatiently!

    Thank you SO much Mr Jaffe, for all your hard work on this important case.

  7. Does anyone else hear the court proceedings? I am online, the court says it’s online and things move but there is no sound (and my headphones work fine).

  8. I am wondering about a conversation about strict scrutiny since Jacobsen is 1905 and things have changed with which standard to use. Least restrictive means? Like in the Michigan case this year

  9. It sounds like this mandate will still be enforced. Many of us with medical exemptions from my campus with paperwork from our the doctor have been denied. And the appeals process is to go back to the same individual who denied our appeal. It’s not right they are not looking at us as individuals and are also minimizing our health concerns.

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