UC Flu Vaccine Lawsuit Update

UC Flu Vaccine Lawsuit Update

For UC students faculty and staff, and others following this case, here is what’s going on. Yesterday we got the paperwork back from the court. Because of the pandemic, the clerk’s offices of the courts are backed up. The lawsuit should be served on the UC defendants by Monday.

I will have another announcement by the end of the next week. Suffice it to say, I am hoping to have a thumbs up (or thumbs down) from the judge around the week of Columbus Day.

In the meantime, my advice to any and all in the UC community who do not want to take the flu shot, but will or might if the mandate stays in place, is to wait until we hear from the judge. I suspect things are going on in the administration. I am hoping that between this lawsuit and the fact that 57% of Californians do not agree to take the flu shot, sooner, rather than later, the administration is going to realize its mistake and rescind the executive order and replace it with a strong recommendation, which I think would be fine and constitutional.

More by late next week.

Rick Jaffe, Esq.




3 thoughts on “UC Flu Vaccine Lawsuit Update

  1. Thank you! I am UC employee and this is outrageous, I always wear a mask and refuse the shot and have never been sick and have done plenty of research of my own and do not want one and feel that I should have the right to decline.

  2. Thank you so much for your hard work. My two daughters attend UCI and unlike UC Santa Cruz, UCI does not have a declination form for students to fill out. They simply keep referring to a medical exemption form. My children have an immunization exemption from the doctor and was admitted to UCI. So now this is crazy to mandate a vaccine which is not required. My family has severe allergic reactions to vaccines and this why they were given the vaccine exemption in the first place. Due to new California exemption laws, my doctor advised that they did not want to write an exemption for a vaccine that is not mandated. I have advised my daughter to submit the California declination form to excuse them and hopefully with the ongoing proceeding this will be enough to cover them under ADA statute.
    Thanks again
    Concerned mom,

  3. Hello, Mr. Jaffe, November 4, 2020

    Just wanted to let you know that my kid is going to UC Santa Cruz (remotely!) we’re in LA, and they are still telling her that she will not be allowed to participate without ‘mandatory’ flu vaccines. She is allergic to eggs and yeast, and has a myriad of chronic autoimmune disorders, brought on I believe from the Hep. B vaccination series she received in middle school.
    So if they are abiding by the injunction, they are not being transparent at all and are still lying to the students.
    Just thought you might want to know.

    A concerned mom

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