Today, a lawsuit was filed by four staff and students of the University of California challenging the recent executive order mandating the flu vaccine for the entire 510,000 members of the UC community.

Rather than describe it, you can read it for yourselves. I think many of you will like it. Thanks to the brave plaintiffs who agreed to stand up for the rights of the entire UC community and all Californians, because if they can get away with this, you just know there is more coming. (and the more is already coming as described below).

Here it is:


The complaint will be going out to the media as well, but anything on this side of the vaccine issue is usually a tough sell.

Many of you probably know that the Legislature is being asked to come back and deal with the flu and COVID-19 vaccine mandates. This complaint makes the case against the flu mandate, so if you have any contacts with legislators, maybe email them a copy and have them start talking about your rights!

I think the more people talk about this and the more the media covers it, the dumber it’s going to look.

One more thing. As you’ll see in the complaint, being against the flu shot is a majority view in California and other places in the US.

Shout out to Bobby K, Mary Holland, Greg Glaser, and ace SOCAL litigator Ray Flores II. This was a group effort, and I think you’ll all agree, a very, very good one.

This may end up being a moment in history as other states are starting to do the same thing. It’s time to try to stop this right here and right now.

Rick Jaffe, Esq.

3 thoughts on “LAWSUIT

  1. Dear Richard,
    Absolute, unadulterated lunacy to make an unproven vaccin mandatory to prevent a viral disease that has already killed 180,000 Americans.
    Go back to square one and discover and test a vaccin that works.
    Another treatment that might work is the IV administration of ‘survivors plasma’ IgG and label it with Indium-111. Four whole body gamma camera 5 days after the administration will show were the virus is hiding. A second administration of the survivors IgG now labeled with Y-90, will break the viral RNA and should improve the condition of the patient, the Y-90 labeled survivors plasma can be repeated weekly

  2. You guys nailed it!
    And the truth is that with Covid 19 preventions and 100% remote learning and social distancing the flu season will be minimal any way! I hope they are not going to say that the flu season was minimal this year because people were getting more flu vaccines!

  3. Kudos! The flu vax mandate is foolishly counterproductive, foolish if reducing ones odds of contracting Covid19 is desired. Why? Because it has been clearly shown by an extensive Defense Dept. study that administering the flu shot increases by 39% ones chances of contracting this pandemic coronavirus. Why on earth increase by 39% anyone’s, especially a young person’s susceptibility to this virus? The cause is known as “virus interference”.
    The Defense Dept. study:(
    It proves beyond doubt that the flu shot
    does in fact suppress immunity.
    So let’s in fact follow the science…

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