Kind and heartening words from a GL Reader

Kind and heartening words from a GL Reader

A semi retired attorney just send me an very nice email after finishing my book.
here it is:

“Attorney Jaffe,

I’m an older, semi-retired Indiana lawyer who just finished reading your book, Galileo’s Lawyer. What a superb book! Very inspiring in many ways. I want to thank you for your gallant (I use that word purposefully) efforts on behalf of ALL of America. Most will never see or know of your efforts on their behalf, but really, you’ve done a service in much of your career, for all of us. Some of us are perhaps in a better position to appreciate what you’ve done. In defending some of the clients you’ve represented, you’ve defended millions of Americans. (I’d argue that in a real sense you’ve defended and benefited ALL Americans, but that would take a book to unwrap.) As a lawyer who has tangled in federal court with corporate giants (Civil Rights arena), I can appreciate better than the average reader, some of the enormous hurdles you’ve had to overcome in some of those cases. You’ve done some incredible work.

Wanted to send this “thank you” note of appreciation, not just for the book. It was a delightful read, yes. But my thanks is more in appreciation for the work you’ve done. I finally learned with age, that one of the things I should have done more of when I was younger was to thank people along my journey of life who have given something of value to me or mine or humanity. Read your book and realized this was one of those MUST “thank you’s” in my life.

Would God some younger lawyers would read Galilio’s Lawyer and be inspired as to what a man or woman of courage, who really gets focused and intense about his or her cases can do. We need a nation full of Jaffe-like lawyers.”

Nice to hear especially in light of the upcoming Stoller board hearing, in no small part because of the thousands of families who might be directly or indirectly affected by the case. More about the status of the case n a little bit.

Rick Jaffe, Esq.

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  1. I agree. I’m a young lawyer who is currently learning from Rick Jaffe, and the insights are abundant!

    In the book, I really like the theme “It’s all about the patients”.  Rick has a candid litigation style of recognizing weaknesses in a position before/while expounding on its strengths, in order to bolster credibility. I think it’s smart and it resonates with juries, which is one of the reasons he has been so successful in his career. There is also a humor that pops up from time to time in his writing, which actually is how Rick speaks in person, like how he refers to the church of medical orthodoxy with it’s “high priests”.

    Given Rick’s success advocating for real nutrition and alternative health modalities, he’s a lawyer whose legacy is calculated to be very favorable in the history books, like Galileo.

  2. Thank you Rick Jaffe, Esq!

    You are truly an amazing gift from God and may his blessings continue to influence your work!

    Dr. Sherrie Sampson, DC!

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