One done, 79 to go, and what else is next

One done, 79 to go, and what else is next

Paul just post this as part of a comment about the lawsuit:

“Today I discussed this lawsuit with my CA legislator’s staffperson, and provided her office with a copy of the complaint.”

Seems like a very, very good idea. I have to believe that there are vaccine concerned in the districts of all of the other 79 Assembly folks. One of the reasons I wrote the complaint the way I did was because any open minded, reasonable person would see what’s really behind this SB 276 crap, and if there were enough reasonable people in the Assembly, the bill would die. While I wouldn’t expect each member to read it, I would expect someone in their staff to do so and advise them to vote no.

So swing by your local assembly person’s office, have alittle chat with the staff and give them some bedtime reading.

I wrote my post about the Medical Board’s dilemma for the community, the legislators and for the members of the medical board. Because I actively appear in medical board cases, I don’t feel comfortable sending the post to each member. But I have to believe that people out there know each member, and it has been suggested that it be sent to each of them. Seems like a not half bad idea.

Next, some of you pointed out a couple typos with the percentages of exemptions, and that I used the wrong antonym (said less rather than greater in comparaing the probably vaccine injury percentage (.75%) to the current exemption rate (.7%). I now realize that .75% is greater, not less than .7%. (I blame my 4th grade math teacher for that error.). These errors have already been corrected in a Notice of Errata filed with the court this morning. Thanks for the corrections. If there are any more, let me know. We want to get this right.

There will probably be some kind of public action against the City Attorney’s office in the next few days. It won’t require travel, but will involve communications. Stay tuned, and if you have any thoughts about it, shoot me an email.

Rick Jaffe, Esq.

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