The Other Part of How to Win the Cali SB 276 battle (and what’s not going to work)

The Other Part of How to Win the Cali SB 276 battle (and what’s not going to work)

My last post “Go Big and Go Smart or Move Out of State”
generated some sharp disagreements (at least on my Facebook page), but that’s not a bad thing. These issues need to be discussed, but quickly, so that action isn’t delayed.
here is that post:

One criticism I got is don’t piss-off the legislators; they won’t like you. My guess is that most of the legislators already think you’re a bunch of anti vax wackos, so I wouldn’t worry too much about trying to win any popularity contests. And there’s a difference between trying to pass and kill a bill.

One comment I received raised something I haven’t mentioned in public, but which I have talked about with movement leaders, and it is another part of how to increase the chances of defeating SB 276, and that of course is:

Go small, quiet and personal

The California Legislature has 80 Assembly members and 40 Senators. Per the previous post, they matter, big time. But there are other people who matter. Each legislator has a chief of staff, at least one policy person, they all have a secretary/personal assistant, and there’s someone in charge of the legislators’ home office. That’s another roughly 500 people who also matter. If any legislator is going to agree to vote down 276, he/she will need some internal support/cajoling from the staff. So, think about reaching out to these folks also.

Let’s think numbers and connections

Let’s define the VC universe as roughly the three to four hundred thousand people who signed the SB 277 recall petition.

Let’s analogize from the 6 degrees of separation between any two random people. I have to believe that there have to be at least a couple hundred people in the vaccine concerned universe who know personally, or know someone who knows personally, one of the 120 legislators, or their 500 closest aides. Obviously, if your one of those people who knows one of these folks, for sure make the call and do what you can, and see if you can arrange a meeting with someone from the VC groups. Maybe you don’t know one of them, but maybe someone you know (outside of the vaccine concerned world) does. Personal contact with close staff surely matters.

And it’s a two-way street.
Information in, and information/intelligence back about what’s happening in the inside. You never know, there might be a smoking gun/game changer fact or memo/letter somewhere. I can’t tell you what it is, but like they say, you’ll know it when you see it.

What’s not going to work

You can forget about having doctors coming out in mass against SB 276. The CMA and the AAP are in favor of the bill, probably because most of their members who are involved in vaccination are afflicted with PCDS.

You all know what that is, but are probably not familiar with this soon-to-be proposed technical name for this disorder: Practitioner Cognitive Dissonance Syndrome. It affects pediatricians because their lifestyle income (as opposed to their professional wage) comes from vaccines, either directly or through insurance incentives. Take vaccines out of a pediatricians’ practice, and they’d be leasing Subaru’s rather than Mercedes and BMW’s, and they’d be saying good-bye to the other accoutrements of wealthy professionals. Besides, most of them are probably tired of explaining to you that they’re not going to write exemptions for your kids because they are convinced that vaccines are safe and that there is no credible evidence that it causes autism or even heartburn.

Circling back: reach out and find people who know these 500 and get to work, but do it quickly!

Rick Jaffe, Esq.

2 thoughts on “The Other Part of How to Win the Cali SB 276 battle (and what’s not going to work)

  1. These aides work for their Reps and Senators for a reason though. Don’t they mostly agree with them? Btw your part one was excellent and I’m going to implement something I hadn’t thought of as a result.

    1. Respectfully, the vaccine issue is a very very small thing for most people not in the movement so I doubt that it’s come up beyond right now and in 2015 when SB 277 was before them.
      Also, since over 50% of kids have autoimmune problems, chances are one of the staffers is dealing with the problem or knows someone who is.

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