The Feds Send Some Love Letters to CBD Companies

The Feds Send Some Love Letters to CBD Companies

CBD is the new gold rush in complementary and integrative health. It’s everywhere. But while CBD based products may be legal federally, they are obviously not approved drugs, and are at best regarded as dietary supplements. As such, no medical claims can be made. But legal technicalities have not stopped the CBD companies from marketing their products as miracle cures for all things pain related and more.

And therein lies the problem according to the feds.

Two days ago there was a joint FDA and FTC announcement of warning letters being issued to four CBD manufacturers who made disease or cure claims. Here is the press release.

One of the companies was selling a CBD based product for dogs. Lucky them.

Here is the warning letter to that company which lays out the standard FDA/FTC litany of violations for false and unsubstantiated advertising and the unapproved new drug mantra.

The warning letter is instructive for companies to see what’s not allowed to be claimed (and not much is allowed).

CBD is now on the fed’s radar screen for medical and disease claims, so CBD manufacturers should be careful.

Rick Jaffe, Esq.

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